I was quite surprised to find that when I sat down to write some posts for next week that the post that needed to be written was a monthly wrap up. That’s what happens when you get completely wiped out from an illness for a bit. Totally lose track of the time. Let me tell you how bad it was. I missed a day of work. (That doesn’t happen.) And then, on that day off work, I didn’t read a single word.


But I caught up after that. Remember when I fell down a Nalini Singh rabbit hole and read the 15 books of her Psy-Changeling series but stopped myself before reading the next 7 books? Yeah, I let myself read the next 7 this month.

I’ve been doing a lot of re-listening to audiobooks.

I also read:

Nalini Singh is from New Zealand so that gave me lots for my South of the Equator challenge. Some of the Better Living Through Birding book takes place in South America too.

Did I read anything on my TBR? Of course not. I have one sitting on my counter. Does that count?