In July I read 14 books.


  • There were 2 male authors and 9 unique female authors.
  • There were 3 Indian authors and the rest were white.

About the books

  • 3 were audio books
  • 8 were fantasy
  • Only 1 was nonfiction


  • United States – Virginia, New York, California, Minnesota
  • India
  • England
  • A made up Middle Eastern country
  • Fantasy lands

Overall it was a pretty good reading month.  I have good feelings about each of those books (with only a few complaints.)  If I had to pick, I’d say nope can’t do it.  I’ve rewritten that sentence a few times with different books I can’t settle on an answer.

My most popular bookstagram picture this month was:

Happy #socksunday! Here’s some of my July TBR. #sammyreadsjuly16 #turtle #bookstagram

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I’m sort of proud of this one taken to represent Goblet of Fire.

Bookish Adventures

I went to the Library of Congress, which was amazing.

I also went to a Harry Potter festival that was ultimately disappointing because of the crowd was HUGE and you couldn’t see anything.