What a month! My “all I’m going to do is lay on the beach and read” vacation crashed and burned spectacularly. I decided to intentionally start reading some more nonfiction so I don’t get to Nonfiction November and then realize that I haven’t read as much nonfiction as I think I did. The husband and I have started to do jigsaw puzzles while listening to audiobooks at night because we are 900 years old. So I’m doing a relisten to Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton series because I knew he would love it.

I read 15 books this month.

The books were:

  • 3 audiobooks
  • 4 nonfiction
  • Set in The United States, England, Ireland, Uganda, Mexico, and another dimension/Greenland

The authors were:

  • 1 black Woman
  • 1 white transman
  • 1 East Asian woman
  • 1 Latina
  • 2 white men
  • and all the rest were white women

How are my challenges going?

I read two books from writers South of the Equator.

These authors are from Australia and Uganda.

What about reading books I already own?


You would have been so proud. I packed only paper books from my shelves for the vacation. I read part of The Little Breton Bistro on my afternoon at the pool. It should have been perfect for me. It is a Foodie Read after all. But it really isn’t all that interesting. I even took it to our make-up beach day when we went up to Lake Erie on a very hot day but I haven’t gotten far.

I also thinned out my shelves. I have 2 main bookcases. They were overflowing so I decided to do a light purge and this happened.

That’s what they get for making me feel guilty that I haven’t read them. There are still a lot of unread books waiting for me though.