I read and listened to 15 books by myself in June.

I also listened to a lot of audiobooks with the husband. We finished up the Innkeeper series. These were relistens for me and they are always good. Our totals are going to slow down now because we are listening to a different series of much longer books. They are all 20 plus hours. We’re listening to them on 1.25 speed to cut some time but we’re into our new series for the long haul! I think there are 8 books. LOL.

All together there were:

  • 5 audiobooks
  • Books set in the U.S., England, Italy, India, and outer space

I made plans this month to go on a book adventure in August.

The National Book Festival is in Washington DC on August 24. I’m going with a person I work with. We’re extending the trip for a few days to do some tourist stuff in D.C.

Has anyone ever been to this festival?