I’m bordering on delirious. I’ve been up since 7:00 yesterday morning. It is now 7:00 at night. This is totally not a normal thing for me.

After I wrote the last post I went over to the new guy’s house (He so needs a blog name but I can’t come up with anything.) He mentioned that he didn’t feel well. This will go down as one of the major understatements of the year. Fast forward several hours later and many episodes of severe illness later, to 1:00 AM when I hear a huge thud. I ask if he’s ok and get silence. Then he asks fairly calmly if I could come there for a second. I open the bathroom door and am greeted by the sight of him standing there covered in blood. He passed out (probably from dehydration) and hit his head and cut open a big chunk above his eye. I got that cleaned up enough to see that he needed stitches so I got him off to the hospital. That was an event. He was tired, weak, sick, slightly loopy from head trauma, and sort of weird even with none of those things going on. I’m sure it looked like I was leading the drunken loser of a bar fight into the ER.

It was a long night. The ER doc was a jerk to me. When the new guy (needs a name!) said that I said he needed stitches, the doc snapped, “Who is she to say you need stitches? Is she a nurse?” He replied in this very tired and sort of pitiful voice, “She’s my vet.” Like that explained everything. But it did turn the doc around. He started saying how much he liked vets and how we are better than human doctors since we can diagnose without conversing with our patients.

Eventually, the wound was glued and he got a bag of fluids and I got him home at 5:10 this morning. I cleaned up all the blood in the bathroom and figured out that he hit his head on the inner rim of the bathtub which takes major skill. Then I headed off to work. I actually felt pretty good until I would sit down. I’m going over to his house now to make sure that he is still alive and to crash. I’m planning on being unconscious until sometime tomorrow!