Learning Spanish

I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. Well, not always I guess. I took two years of French in high school because the French teacher was better than the Spanish teacher. I was a geek. Anyway, after high school I spent some time in Costa Rica and Bolivia without speaking a word of Spanish. I did learn some but I don’t know verbs. Every so often I decide that I’m going to learn so I can travel comfortably in Latin America again but languages don’t come easily to me.

I’ve found a new Spanish teaching device though. Subtitles. I love having the subtitles on when I’m watching a DVD. I’ve just switched them to Spanish subtitles and read along. I am learning things. Pregunta means question, etc. So far though I’ve only done this on DVDs of Angel so my vocabulary is a bit esoteric. But I will come in handy if anyone in Latin America needs to talk about los vampiros.


  • Heather

    If you watch both Buffy and Angel in Spanish you will be an expert multi-lingual vampire hunter! I’m considering moving on to the Spanish language tracks with English subtitles when I get better but dubbed voices drive me crazy.

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