I received this award from A Horse and a Half a while back but haven’t been posting much on my main computer where it is easy to link to blogs.  The idea is to honor people who stay positive in their blogs even if things are a bit rough right now.  I don’t have a list of 10 bloggers to honor but these are the ones that I read faithfully that come to mind.

Dubiquilts – Debbi has had multiple heart attacks and surgeries in 2008 and is still upbeat.

Life’s Funny Like That – I discovered this blog on the day that Debby found a lump in her breast.  She’s now nearing the end of chemotherapy and looking forward to travelling again.

Saudi Stepford Wife – This one seems to be on a permanent hiatus but it is worthwhile reading the old posts to see the perspective of a Saudi woman who has lived both there and in the west.