Today’s exercise in cussing was brought to me by Patch as Patch Can. Or can’t in my case. I thought I’d take everyone’s advice who had already tried this and paper piece this. I figured I’d fly right through this. The fabrics are left overs from a quilt I’m working on where the green is the sashing and the cream is the background. No problem, right?

I don’t know if I’m just a quilting idiot today or what. I put this block together wrong in more ways that I’d have thought possible. I noticed when I finished it this time that the last two seams are way crooked. If I hadn’t already picked out multiple tiny paper pieced seams today I’d have fixed those. But for now they can stay and I’ll fix it when I get around to using this block in a quilt.


I’m off to have a drink.  It is a shame I’ve got no taste for the hard stuff.  I guess hot chocolate it is!