I’ve scheduled enough work to make up for the days that I won’t be working at the one clinic. I was there today and made some reference while talking to the owner about being fired.

Him: “You weren’t fired.
Me: “If I want to say I was fired, I can say I was fired.”
Him: “Honestly, how long do these things last? How long were you gone last time I fired you?”
Me: “Two weeks.”

(That’s true. He hired an associate and in two weeks she ran screaming from the building. I’ve been there almost 7 years. What does that say about my mental health?)

Him: “See. You’ll probably be right back.”
Me: “Nope, I booked up a lot of other jobs.”
Him: “What?” He looked rather hurt like I was cheating on him. Hey, he fired me. He can’t be all upset that I start seeing other veterinary clinics.