They say the mind is the first thing to go. I never really understood. I had a mind like a steel trap. I never had to write things down. How could you forget when you had to do things?

I think middle age is starting to creep in. I still remember when I have to do things. But this year I’ve noticed that things are sneaking up on me with no warning.

For example, I have my next on site acupuncture class starting June 15.  I know that. No problem. It is in June and June is a long time from now.

June is tomorrow! How did that happen? My class is in two weeks. Why didn’t anyone tell me? 

In my brain it is still April. I’m not sure how I got reset to be running months behind.

Luckily I had this insight a few weeks ago and bought my plane tickets.  But then I forgot again and it came as a shock to me all over again today.  

I also was smart enough to put the date that I need to take my next online test on my phone calendar. Then, in acknowledgement of my slipping brain, I set a reminder (that the test date was coming up on June 6) scheduled for May 30 so it didn’t sneak up on me. That was smart since I knew when the last test was due but didn’t realize that it was that day until a few hours before it had to be turned in.  But, when the reminder that said “Acupuncture test due 6/6” showed up yesterday I yelled at the phone. “It isn’t June 6th.  What’s wrong with this thing? Why are you lying to me??”  So much for trying to outsmart myself.

Tell me that it isn’t just me. Please tell that you are all insane also and that the planet is orbiting faster and days really are sneaking up on all of us.