Moron Moment

I swear, sometimes I’m as dumb as a post. I’ve been working out more this week and getting up at 5 AM a few times to do it. Everyone I talked to said I was going to be all perky […]

My new calling?

Last week I saw a male Dachshund who had had spinal surgery 4 weeks earlier.  He hadn’t regained any function since surgery.  He’s paralyzed and unable to urinate on his own.  I treated him with acupuncture and told him to […]


The latest buzzword in veterinary medicine is “evidence based medicine.”  Whenever I see it I cuss and sputter. The implication is that any treatment that hasn’t been tested through multiple double blind studies published in big journals isn’t valid. I […]


Freckles has the itches. Every other dog I see this time of year has the itches and I totally sympathize with owners who just want it to stop so they can sleep through the night. Usually I can stop it […]

Day Two

From Riley’s Journal: It is Day Two of my house arrest . I want to go outside but the evil overlords won’t let me out . When asked why she said, “Blah,blah,no,blah,blah” Editor’s note-  I said, “If you can’t outrun […]

Finally a horse success

There is an absolutely amazing magic trick that you can do when you learn acupuncture in horses. You can run a needle cap or a pen cap over a pattern of acupuncture points and they will flinch where the points […]


Yesterday I took my new electroacupuncture unit to work for the first time. I work with some strange folk so it was no surprise that they were lining up to be the test subjects for me to use the machine. […]

Body types

When we practice at these classes we use animals who have easily visible anatomy. That means we use greyhounds in dog lab since we can count their ribs easily. It gets hard then when I go home and my patients […]

Money Pit

Wow, you can really spend some money here. First you pay tuition and then you fly here and stay in a hotel and rent a car. Then you come in and see a very nice little display of stuff to […]

Off I Go

I’m flying to FL tomorrow for my next acupuncture class. I don’t feel prepared. They are going to ask me review questions that I don’t know the answer to. I haven’t reviewed my horse points enough.  Oh well.  I hope […]

Acupuncture update

I’ve been studying my fool head off, stuffing information into any free nook and cranny in my brain. My brain is now full. Unfortunately there is more info that needs to be stuffed in. I got back to FL next […]

Losing It

They say the mind is the first thing to go. I never really understood. I had a mind like a steel trap. I never had to write things down. How could you forget when you had to do things? I […]


I used to be able to run around all winter without a coat. Then a few years ago that suddenly stopped. I wish I remembered exactly when it was so I could figure out if there was a specific cause. […]

Public humiliation

Hey. Freckles here. I tell you, you spend your life working on being a Good Dog, and look what happens. You’re lying on your couch, which you have ever so nicely shared with your human, minding your own business, when […]

Ye of Little Faith

Before I went to the hands-on acupuncture class last week, I went to the barn and practiced finding points on Prize. This caused the barn owner to double over in laughter at the thought of me trying to put needles […]


I’ve been sticking needles into anyone and everyone who would hold still long enough for the last few days. I started on the SO. I think he was a little scared of being my practice voodoo doll. He kept asking […]

It is too much. I’ll sum up.

I’m in Florida for session two of my acupuncture class. Session one was 22 hours of online lectures on theory. Yesterday started with two hours of review and then two hours of explanation of jing points which are powerful points […]

Acupuncture class day one

I want to say something profound. Learning acupuncture has been a dream of mine for years. But as soon as I walked out of the last lab my brain shut down. I’ve been in a fog ever since. Total system […]

Recovery blahs

I’m in week 4 of p90x. That is the first recovery week. There is no weight lifting this week. You do yoga, kenpo, core work, and stretching workouts. It is still an hour of working out a day. I can’t […]


I’ve started studying my acupuncture lectures. This means that I am now able to spout off random acupuncture facts at any given time. My coworkers are getting used to it. They just nod at me. The first few lectures were […]