I swear, sometimes I’m as dumb as a post.

I’ve been working out more this week and getting up at 5 AM a few times to do it. Everyone I talked to said I was going to be all perky from working out in the morning. I’m not a morning person so I doubted that. But, I was shocked at how horrible I felt. I was exhausted. It was more exhaustion than should have happened from getting up at the break of dawn or from the workouts I was doing. I was also having a hard time eating. I just didn’t want to eat at all. I figured not eating wasn’t helping the exhaustion so I was force feeding myself smoothies when I just couldn’t imagine eating solid food.

I could explain to myself why I didn’t want to eat based on my traditional Chinese medicine training. My constitution type is Earth. When Earth people are stressed most of us overeat to relax. But some, like me, shut down and don’t eat. So I understood it. That was my body reacting to stress but I couldn’t figure out why I was stressed enough to be reacting this severely.

Tonight while I was picking at my dinner I had a cosmic smack upside the head giving me the answer. I tend to run a little (ok, a lot) qi-deficient on a good day. In the past few months, I’ve moved, juggled 2 jobs while commuting for hours on end, and so forth. I bet that dropped my qi level even more. This week was the final straw. The little extra stress pushed me past the point that I could compensate so I was exhausted which made me stop eating. Great. So I can fix that.

I got my acupuncture needles out and put them in a good qi generating point in my legs. I also needled another leg point with good systemic effects. Then I hooked up my electroacupuncture unit and treated myself for 30 minutes from 8:30- 9:00 PM.

So at 10:00 PM I settle down in bed. I can’t sleep. I think, “Why am I not tired?” Then I think, “Oh………. I just majorly stimulated my energy centers right before I wanted to go to sleep.” Then, my stomach started to growl.

This is why I am a moron. Should have waited until the morning to do this and then I would be asleep now instead of writing blog posts in the middle of the night. But at least I’m on the right track and the treatment is working. For the next few weeks after a workout I need to come home and put needles in the qi centers to work on building myself back up.