Freckles has the itches. Every other dog I see this time of year has the itches and I totally sympathize with owners who just want it to stop so they can sleep through the night.

Usually I can stop it but not for Freckles. She’s had steroids and benedryl and special fancy schmancy Chinese herbal blends and all natural organic food. She still itches all the time. I have currently been treating it by yelling at her to, “STOP IT!”

(I have psoriasis and am often scratching while yelling at her to stop. I don’t miss the irony. I have a feeling she doesn’t either.)

I’ve even taken her collar off so I don’t hear the tags jangling when she itches.

This morning I was watching a lecture on acupuncture for skin disease. I know this exists but Miss Drama Queen screamed and cried last time I did acupuncture on her so I haven’t tried. Inspired by my lecture I went to see her on the couch. She was tired. I asked nicely and then started stabbing. To my shock and amazement she let me without a whimper. I had four in her head and one in her back. Under the Bed Dog was horribly jealous that she didn’t get whatever Freckles was getting and generally made a nuisance of herself.

Once they were placed we sat on the couch to let them cook. Freckles went back to sleep. Then about 10 minutes later she got up, went to the middle of the room, and shook. Needles went flying! She jumped back on the couch with a very satisfied glance at me. I went and got on my hands and knees looking for needles since I have a 1 year old human visiting this weekend.