My brother, sister in law, and niece are coming this weekend. We also have Z.  And Under the Bed Dog. My brother is allergic to cats and my niece is horrified by Freckles.

Go ahead. Take a moment to contemplate.

Do you watch Family Guy?  If so, do you know the evil monkey that lives in Chris’ closet and points at him in a most threatening way?  That’s my niece’s reaction to Freckles. 


It is like she thinks that she is the only one who can see the imminent threat posed by Freckles and can’t figure out why no one is paying attention even though she is very plainly pointing it out. Freckles figured out quick that the kid sheds food at a phenomenal rate so she follows her around. That just ups the threat level as far as the kid is concerned.

Food as been an issue. Take vegetarian, organic loving, juicing me and mix in my brother who only eats meat and goes out of his way to avoid buying anything environmentally friendly since he thinks that’s a liberal ploy. Luckily there is a festival down the street from us this weekend where he can get fair food.

They will be here for two days. This is a big deal for them. My brother works for a church and therefore he works weekends in addition to all week. Taking a few days off is major, especially on a weekend. My sister in law is all excited about coming here. They visited me once before. I was still married at the time. They told me that they only visit me once per guy but I just realized that wasn’t true. My brother visited me once when I was married but living in the townhouse. He visits me once per house, I guess. He had a friend with him at that visit who was taken aback by the fact that I had a riding crop on my mantle. My brother couldn’t figure out why he was surprised. It took him a bit to realize that the friend thought it was a S and M thing out in the open. He had to explain that I really did use it for the intended purpose when I was riding horses. Right now I have one in my dining room. This is used to put down temper tantrums. I still haven’t graduated to S and M after all these years!