I had a big reading month. I read a bunch of historical romances. They are like popcorn to me. I gobble them right up. Then, because they are generally part of series, I need to read the next one. Then I need to see what else the author has written. Or, I get sucked into the suggestions for similar authors on Kindle Unlimited and here we are.

I’ve probably read more than I’m listing here. I always write this post ahead and then come back to make sure it is up to date. I’m going to be out of commission on the day this posts so it won’t be accurate. I’m not sure why that bothers me. No one else will know if I don’t tell them. I think I feel sorry for the books that don’t get featured. Maybe I’ll remember to highlight them next month.

I even managed to read a book for my South of the Equator Challenge. Between Jobs is set in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

In April I’m going to be doing the A to Z Challenge with a post for each letter of the alphabet discussing my health and weight loss journey.