My reading this month can be split into two sections – before BEA and after BEA.

Before BEA

I read all of these by May 8.  I left for BEA on May 10 and I was stalling.  I didn’t want to start anything new when I was going to be surrounded by new books.

Then, I don’t know what happened.  Sensory overload?  I didn’t read anything during BEA.  At night I just crashed in my apartment.  When I got home the husband was gone for a week, I squandered that good reading time by binge watching Sense8.  (Anyone else watch that show?  Seriously amazing.)

Eventually my books (or my preciousessss as I was creepily calling them) arrived from Chicago and then I settled in and got started reading again.  Here’s my after May 20 finishes.

The books I read this month are set in:

  • England
  • France
  • Mexico
  • U.S. – Ohio, New York, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana
  • Fantasy lands

The authors are:

  • 8 female and 3 male
  • 9 white and 2 POC

The books are:

  • 8 fiction and 3 nonfiction
  • 5 fantasy
  • 2 historical fantasy
  • 2 romance/chick lit
  • 1 audiobook

This month I’ve been lurking on Twitter around the #diversebookbloggers discussions.  I’m pretty much the definition of who isn’t a diverse book blogger but I like finding new people to follow and hearing book recommendations.  I did their Diverse Books Tag, which was a lot of fun.

I don’t have any big blog news coming up.  Remember that the link for June’s Foodies Read is going up tomorrow.  I got a lot of foodie books at BEA so now there are even more prizes.

Speaking of my BEA books,  there are so many of them that I don’t want to keep them all after I read them.  Periodically now you might see this graphic on reviews.


First come, first served I’ll send the ARC to a new home.  I wouldn’t say no to a few dollars towards shipping fees but I want these books to circulate since they are meant to be for promotion.

14 Replies to “May Wrap Up”

  1. I really like the analysis of your reading for the month. Every blogger should do this. I plan to do a mid-year analysis of all the books I’ve reviewed in my blog. Should be interesting to see what authors I tend to review more. I expect it to be over 50% women easily.
    I see that you read 8 female authors and only 3 male authors. That looks like a good ratio to me. haha

    1. I’m always surprised when I hear that men are published more often because I come across male authors so rarely. I tend to pick up most of the male authors that I do read in the nonfiction section.

  2. I have never managed to get a book read while attending any book conference! Did you have a good time at BEA? I wasn’t able to go this year because of the location but I think it’s back in NY next year so we’ll see 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. BEA was great. It was my first time going because Chicago was so much more convenient for me. I’d love to go back next year but we’ll see.

  3. I haven’t heard of Sense8, but I need to find a new show to watch while I’m on the elliptical – I just caught up with Once Upon a Time – I’ll have to check that one out! It was great to meet you at BEA – sorry we only managed to chat for a minute!!

  4. I can’t remember if I ever ended up commenting on your review for Terrier, but I’m so excited you’re reading this series!! …I’ll be interested to see what you think about the ending of the last book.

    1. Oh no! Is it bad? I’m getting close to the end of audio of Mastiff and things aren’t going well. Now I’m even more nervous.

      1. It is literally the only Tamora Pierce book I violently disagree with. And if you’re getting nervous..well, hopefully you won’t judge the rest of her books by this ending haha. I really, REALLY loved the first two books and I’ve never read anything by her that I didn’t love so I had a hard time processing this – it might not be nearly so bad for you haha! But when you’re done let me know because I have been DYING to talk to someone about it!!

  5. You look like you had a good month! I didn’t even think about May Wrap Up. Hard to believe it is almost June all ready!

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