I’m not really missing in action but my BlackBerry is eating my posts. That’s the digital equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” I know but it is true.

The SO’s brother (who will be refered to as the brother in law for ease of explanation) showed up yesterday. He’s freezing since he’s from Florida and we’re in a sudden cold snap. Today he’s supposed to be tearing out the kitchen floor.

Yesterday we realized that there is a huge racoon living in a tree across the street. He comes out and goes down the storm sewer for an hour of so then comes back. He is living in a hole that we didn’t even realize is in the tree. We live downtown so it was a bit of a surprise to see him. I took pictures but my camera is refusing to talk to my computer which is in turn is not talking to my printer. I’m having a full fledged electronic revolt. If you are reading this then at least the BlackBerry decided to cooperate.