Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy

Mercy Thompson is a mechanic in eastern Washington. She is also a shapeshifter who bought her garage from a gremlin, is fixing a vehicle for a vampire instead of paying protection money, and lives next door to the Alpha of the local werewolf pack. When a young unknown werewolf shows up at her garage asking for work, she gives him a job. She doesn’t realize that he has escaped from a group who is making werewolves in order to test new drugs on them. Why would someone need to make drugs targeted for werewolves and why are they following her new employee to Washington?

I’ve seen these books around on a lot of blogs and realized that they were probably something that I would like but for some reason never got around to picking them up. I found myself in front of a shelf of these books at the library so figured out where to start and dove in.

I liked the rules that this author set up for the world. Some of the more harmless, cuddly Fae are known to humans. Humans have tried to confine the Fae to reservations but don’t realize that there are many more creatures that they don’t know about. Werewolves are sort of an open secret and on the verge of being outed completely. Witches and vampires exist in secret. Mercy is a rarity because most of the Native American shapeshifters were killed by vampires when the vampires moved to America in an attempt to take over territory.

Mercy was raised by a powerful werewolf pack after her human mother found that her baby could change into a coyote. She is very knowledgeable about werewolves but isn’t subject to their rules. That’s a good thing because werewolves are not into powerful or independent women.

One character was a vegetarian veterinarian who decided to become a werewolf after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He didn’t like it. Good to know. I’ll keep that advice in mind in case anyone ever wants to turn me into a werewolf.

I think this is a good opening for a series and am looking forward to reading the rest.