This is an example of why I want to strangle the evil mother-in-law. I don’t think she is intentionally malicious but she just doesn’t think. I almost think that is worse because you can tell off a malicious person but stupid doesn’t get any better.

Last night the husband and I were driving home from seeing a movie. She calls the husband on the cell phone. She says that she could see the horses when she came home but she can’t see them anymore. She’s walked to several windows but she can’t see them.

So, what exactly do you do with that information? I’m miles away. Can’t do a thing about it. Apparently, she is just calling to let me worry until I get home.

The husband explained slowly to her that there is a hill in the middle of the pasture and the horses are probably on the other side of it. Therefore they are invisible from the house. Are you telling me that this woman has lived here for this long and never noticed a hill in the backyard? If I was dealing with a logical person I would say that was not possible but I’m not so sure with her.

The husband then explained to her that there was nothing we could do about it since we were far away but that we were heading back. When we hung up I asked why anyone would feel it necessary to make a phone call like that and if she was so concerned did it occur to her to go outside and look for the supposedly missing horses? He couldn’t come up with an explanation.

When we got home the horses where on the other side of the hill like we suspected. The mother-in-law was on the couch and asked as soon as I walked in if the horses where out there. I said yes while thinking that if you were so worried why didn’t you get up off the couch and look for them? I will never understand this woman.