My butt

I’ve decided to join the great tradition of people posting pictures of their private anatomy on the internet. Of course, anyone who comes here looking for excitement will be sorely disappointed. So without further ado, here is my pelvis.


I broke the inferior pubic rami and cracked the superior pubic rami. I liberated the films from the hospital because I have a follow up doctor’s visit on Monday. It was hard to get a picture of the film without a view box. If you look really closely you can see my front yard because I was holding it up to the window.


  • Sandy

    falling off one of my horses, (littlebugger), I apparently have broken my inferior pubic ramus. It is not displaced so thankfully I will not need surgery. I have looked through the net but cannot seem to find where this bone is? I can find a lot of xray pictures but I would really like to know where it is?

    Any thoughts, email me…

    Hope you are all recovering!


  • Ian

    Thanks spirit, from what you say I think my break must be only the right inferior as it is the muscles of my inner thigh that are still really painful. Apart from my left buttock that is – which took the main impact of the fall! Anyway you have given me a good idea of what my recovery rate is likely to be. 12 days down the road I am progressing slowly with the aid of crutches. Being an old man I can’t expect miracles.

  • spirit

    I’m about 6 weeks out now and it doesn’t really hurt much. The rectus abdominus attaches to the superior rami so it can hurt to sit up. My inferior break was worse so the muscles on my inner thigh still hurt sometimes. The first few weeks were painful. But it was all muscle pain and not pain over the pelvis itself.

  • Ian

    Found your blog when looking for info. on the pubic rami. May 20th when you broke your pelvis was my birthday and now I have just cracked a superior pubic rami following a fall off my roof!!!!!!
    How long before it all settles a bit and the pain subsides?

  • Autumn

    Look at the bright side..You can carry the picture around with you and when someone pisses you off whip it out and say to them “KISS THIS”

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