Molly, who used to hang around here but now we are Facebook friends, sent me a test workout video a while ago.  I liked it.  It was a combination of lifting and cardio. I decided to sign up for to be able to access it. 

I mentioned doing that on Facebook and I got swooped onto by some of my ex-4Hers.  They are BeachBody coaches and they were doing a challenge group.  Did I want to join? 

  1. I have to check in on the Facebook post every day.
  2. I have to post a picture after my workout
  3. I have to post one meal picture a day
  4. I have to make a video once a week of a non-scale victory.

I’m competitive.  I raised these children from pups.  (Ok, they were maybe teenagers when I met them.  Same thing.) I can not let them beat me.

I’ve been doing my workouts when scheduled.  They are all on 6 day a week workouts. Mine is special and is only 4 days a week.  I enjoy posting rest day selfies. 

I made a video of a 5K run I did on Sunday for my non-scale victory.  I hate running.  I hate video.  I figured it was a perfect combination.