I believe that the universe wants to balance itself out.  I have such an amazing non-work week this week that I knew that work was going to be rough.  Maybe I’m just a pessimist but I’m a correct pessimist.  We’ve been swamped.  We don’t even get lunch. We did close for 15 minutes of our hour lunch yesterday and spent most of it dreading opening the doors again. There was a line of people waiting to get in. My boss asked me at the end of the day why I seemed to be the only one with any energy left. I said, “I don’t know. I was dead at three. I lost the ability to form sentences in English around four so I don’t know why I’m talking ok now. Unless I’m just babbling. I think I’m just babbling now.”

Then I came home to take a relaxing bath and broke the external speakers for my iPad.

So, what is so wonderful that the universe needs to balance it? Tuesday I went to see Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable tour.

He talked about food, sang songs about food, and did two cooking demos. In one he made instant ice cream involving pressurized milk and a fire extinguisher.  The other involved his take on an Easy Bake Oven with lots of lights that cooked a pizza in 3.5 minutes.

Tomorrow I am heading to the Royal Winter Fair.

I haven’t been there since the late 80s.  I’m so excited.  We are going to the matinee and evening horse shows on Saturday.  It is mostly international level show jumping and draft horse hitch competitions.  There is also ….  wait for it….  BUNNY JUMPING!  That is not people jumping over bunnies because that would be weird.  It is bunnies jumping a course of obstacles.  As the previous companion to two bunnies who would not have had that, I am fascinated.

Before and after animals jumping over things there are fancy schmancy hotels.  Way fancier than we normally stay at but since it doesn’t appear that we are going to manage to get a real vacation anytime soon, I decided to splurge.