I have no problem with Customs Agents. I get waved through with a smile even the time my passport wasn’t signed.

The husband can’t. Something about him sets off alarms. Today was our first time through Customs since we got married. I wasn’t sure if I would help him or he’d bring me down. The first questions were normal. Where are we from? Where are we going? How long are we going to be in Canada? Then it got weird.

Customs Guy : “Are you meeting anyone in Canada?”
Us: “No.”
CG: “Do you have any guns in the car?”
The husband: “No.”
CG incredulously: “No guns at all? No handguns?”
The husband: “No?”
Me thinking : “Hey buddy! Just because we’re American doesn’t mean we’re armed to the teeth at all times.”
CG: “What’s that on your license plate then?”
The husband: “It is for a medal I earned when I was in the Army a long time ago.”

Then he let us go.

The husband: “Are we meeting people and do we have a car full of guns? Is he accusing us of being international gun runners?”
Me: “Should we be flattered that he thinks we’re capable of that? Maybe he thought I was a hostage!”

Yep, that’s us. International criminals.