We warmed up with an 800 m row.  Then we did hang power snatches – bar from knees to overhead – two lifts every minute for 5 minutes.  I did 55 lbs.

Then we did front squats.  I did 30 at 45 lbs, 20 at 55 lbs, 10 at 65 lbs, and 5 at 75 lbs.

The workout was 4 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds of burpees
  • 30 seconds of body rows
  • 30 seconds rest

After finishing the 4 rounds we rested 2 minutes and did it all again.  I usually did 13 or 14 burpees and body rows together in each round.

I went out of town all weekend and ate lots of food and did not exercise.  Now it is Tuesday morning and I wasn’t in the mood to be done with vacation yet so I slept in and will be going swimming to start slowly getting back in the swing of things.