WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’m really enjoying this St. Louis 16 patch block. It is totally mindless piecing. It is made to be cut from fat quarters so there is minimal cutting too. I don’t like cutting. I never, ever use fat quarters because I am too cheap to buy them but I got this bundle cheap somewhere and I like it. I like it so much that this morning I looked for more online but realized that I was still too cheap to buy fat quarter bundles.


The blocks go together quickly. I made the two on the right in 20 minutes.

Quilts of Valor in Ohio had a few big Veteran’s Day events. I don’t have pictures from them yet but I did a presentation last night to a World War II veteran.

WWII QOV presentation

He told me that he was reluctant to sign up to get a quilt because he was pretty sure we were a scam. I’m not sure if he was more surprised that I was there or irritated that his wife was right about us not being a scam.

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  1. “No sir I am not a scam”!! LOL He probably wanted to take that quilt home with him from the looks of it! Love your 16 patch blocks:)

  2. ~I love that he thought Quilts of Valor was possibly a scam! And that his wife was right!

    ~I love being owned by my pets (black lab, two cats), but my crabby, deaf Friskie has been diagnosed with stomatitis, and now I’m trying to find a “single source protein” food that he will eat. Dread the thought of having to take his teeth out! (Only mention this because you’re a vet :))

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