My Good Deed

I followed.a beat up little pickup truck this morning with a sticker on the back window that said No Fat Chicks.

I flashed back to Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes ramming the sports car because she’s “older and has better insurance.” But I didn’t ram the truck.

I’m considering that my good deed of the day.


  • Nan

    Yeah, Kati is right.. I’d probably not have been so charitable. If I did cut him off, as On the Bit suggested, I might have cut it a bit close… but he’d probably have fouled the axel on “The Beast” (4WD Dodge Truck). Not that I’d have been sorry.

  • Kati

    ROFL And yet…. These same guys who like to spout about “no fat/ugly chicks” are generally fat, butt-ugly SOB’s. Ironic, that double standard. The ugly guys expect the good-looking woman, but the best an “fat/ugly chick” can assume is another fat/ugly guy, or nothing at all. And, I’m guessing most guys driving an old beater of a pick-up is either too young to be worthwhile, or a dead-beat who’s also not worth the time of a good woman.

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