The wedding that we went to this weekend was for an ex-boyfriend of mine. We’ve stayed close over the years. He did all the music for my wedding. As the groom and his new wife were leaving the ceremony the husband (mine) turned to me and asked:

Him: Now are you sorry that you didn’t marry him?
Me: Nope
Him: (mock affronted) I like him!
Me: I like him too.
Him: Nothing wrong with him at all! Why won’t you marry him?
Me: Too late now.

A more suspicious wife might think he was trying to get rid of me.

Then the next day we went to dinner with my brother’s future father-in-law. He asked whose wedding we went to. I said a friend of mine. The husband said cheerily, “Her high school boyfriend!” When the future father-in-law looked confused, my dear husband reasserted, “I really like him!”

Jealousy isn’t something I have to worry about with him.

I found that out for sure right before our wedding. I had another male friend who I appointed to be back-up groom. If the husband didn’t show up for our wedding I was getting married anyway because I had worked too hard on that wedding to let him screw it up. The back-up groom was to get into the tux and marry me because by god I was marrying someone that day. We all went out a week or so before the wedding. When we went to leave the husband said to the back-up groom, “Nice to meet you. Now I’m not going to feel bad about not showing up for the wedding since I know she’ll be in good hands.” How very sweet of him to care.