I’m going to make my own exercise routine.  It is a twist on Pilates.  To do it you put in a Pilates DVD of your choice.  Then you add in a 5 year old who wants to help.  Suggestions:

  • grabbing your leg on every forward kick
  • crawling under your leg while you are holding it up thus making you hold it longer than the video deemed necessary
  • holding onto your shoulders while you do forward bends “so you don’t fall”
  • stacking blankets on your leg while you are doing back kicks for added resistance
  • attempting to balance a slinky on your toe when it is extended up in the air
  • placing an etch-a-sketch on your stomach while in a bridge position (again for the added resistance)
  • arranging a book and said etch-a-sketch in front of your face on every exercise so “if you can’t do the move you have something to read until you learn to do it.”
  • placing a princess crown on your head during your cool down since you did good
  • asking after the half hour routine with all the above extras – “don’t you want to do more?”

Extra credit if your cat comes and adds resistance also.  At this rate I should be gorgeous very soon!