The SO has decided to apply for a new job. Out of state. I’m… I don’t know what I’m feeling really. This isn’t a breakup kind of thing since he’s threatening to hogtie me and throw me in the back of the moving van. I’m trying to look at this as a chance for a new beginning but I’m not really feeling it yet.

My objections are all professional, strangely. I hate the environment that I work in now but I’ve got enough time in there that I’ve negotiated the job sort of to my liking. If I moved away I’d be starting again from the beginning. It isn’t like his job where he’d be getting a promotion. There are no such things as promotions for veterinarians.

I’m working on finding a practice to buy. That’s what I’d like to do for the next stage of my career. Ideally in 10 years I’d like to own several practices (My Empire is how I think of it) where I function as a managing director and don’t do a lot of the day to day medical work. I’d like to have time to do things like acupuncture and be able to avoid the stuff I don’t want to deal with. This dream involves starting with one practice and taking the acupuncture course. I’m looking at practices and I want to sign up for the course that starts this spring. So what do I do now? What if I’m unemployed and living somewhere else come spring? I feel like my life plans just got put on hold.

Realistically I know that he’s advanced about as far as he can in his job in this area. I can start an empire anywhere in theory. Even doing grunt work I may be happier than I am in my current job with all the staff fighting. Maybe it is time for a total life change again.

Part of me keeps remembering that that’s how I ended up here. I gave up my job (which was toxic at the time also) to follow a guy to this state and look how that turned out. I’ve no longer got the guy but I’ve got a better one. I liked living here enough that when the guy split I stayed. But where’s the feminism in that? LOL.

He may not even get this job but there will be other ones also out of state. I guess I’ll have to just keep telling myself that this could be good, or this to will pass, or something until I believe it.