I took Freckles to the dog park on Saturday hoping that their would be other dogs for her to play with. Most of the time when we go there is no one for her to play with. She runs laps around the park and has a grand time anyway.

The weather must have kept saner people away. We were alone again. She did her normal lap running. Then she did something weird. She started acting like she was playing with another dog. She would drop into play postures, growl and bark happily, run forward like she was chasing and then run away like she was being chased. But there was no dog there! This lasted for about two minutes then she just stopped. She sat down by the gate and stared at me. She wouldn’t come to me. She wouldn’t do anything but sit and stare until I picked up the leash. She was just ready to leave.

Ghost dog? Imaginary Friend? Or has my dog just gone insane?