top ten tuesday


I love this cozy series about a grumpy male kitchen witch who starts working as the cook at a castle. The third book is scheduled to come out in February and I can’t wait.

Nalini Singh

I’m not posting all the pictures of the books I read of hers because I read 16 last year. She’s been around a long time but I hadn’t picked up any of her books until 2022 and then I fell hard into her world.

Ann Aguirre

These are modern day romances about witches in a small town.

Jo Watson

I picked up this author because I’m doing a self challenge to read authors from south of the equator. She’s from South Africa. These are fun romances.

Alexander C. Eberhart

These are YA stories about gay boys finding their way in a world that is sometimes not welcoming to them. He writes great characters.

Nathan Lowell

The wizard's butler nathan lowell

This was one of my favorite books from last year. I’ve listened to the audiobook twice so far.

Daniel Schwabauer

This book was fun and original. A down on her luck attorney gets roped into representing aliens before the U.N.

Ruthanna Emrys

a half-built garden ruthanna emrys

This is an alien first contact book featuring a Jewish, polyamorous, queer family living in a future U.S. where society is arranged based on the river system that you live by. I describe it as taking everything that would make a conservative person scream and mixing it all together to make a great book.

Michael Greger

How Not to Die has changed how we eat at our house. My husband decided to (finally) follow my advise on eating. He’s had great improvements in his health. He’s read the book now and has become a diet evangelist. He’s sending copies to everyone he knows. I’m slowly working my way through How Not to Diet.

Will Bulsiewicz

This goes along with the last books. This focuses on care for your microbiome. Everyone needs to eat more fiber!