Black dragon by Ehtisham Sajid

I read a lot of fantasy all year round so I thought I’d look back and see what new authors I’d found since the last Wyrd and Wonder in May 2023.

The Enchanted Hacienda: A Novel J.C. Cervantes

This is about a magical flower farm in Mexico and of course there is one daughter who isn’t good at magic at all.

To Shape a Dragon's Breath Moniquill Blackgoose

“A young Indigenous woman enters a colonizer-run dragon academy” Yep, I jumped all over that. This book was amazing. I need the next one in the series.

Heather Webber writes magical realism set in the southern U.S. Most of these books fit in perfectly with Foodies Read.

This is a series about a vampire who needs a fake romance and the human woman he hires/bribes to work with him.

Freya Marske wrote a series about a magical Edwardian England.

I liked Isa Medina’s witch series a lot more than her fae series. There is a new book out in the witch series so I’m excited about that.

Jessica Rosenberg writes about a women who inherits the bakery of her dreams after a divorce. I loved this series. It was very cozy.

Speaking of inheriting after divorce, I devoured K.F. Breene’s series about a woman who is appointed caretaker of a magical house after her divorce. It comes with a crew of strange hangers-on and is in a town of shifters. Loved this series! She has another series that I’ve read 3 books in but I don’t love it as much.

I read a lot of Louisa West’s books about a woman and kid also starting over but they got weird after a bit so I stopped.

These are the rest of my first time authors. There are various degrees of good here. I’m still made at Innherited Magic for making almost no sense but Strange Folk was a lyrical and mystical take on moving back to Appalachia.