It’s Nonfiction November! That’s my favorite book month.

I feel like I haven’t read as much nonfiction this year as normal. I feel like my reading is skewing happy and escapist. Let’s see what I’ve read so far.


Huh. Last year I had read 18 by this point and the year before was 22. Maybe I always think that I’m slacking on nonfiction…Nope, I looked back farther. In 2016 I had 44 nonfiction books at this point. Yeah, 2016, right before the real world started spiraling fast. I’ve been a more escapist reader since then. Has that happened to anyone else?



I DNF books at a frankly alarming rate so if I finished one you can take that as a recommendation that it was good. The book that surprised me most this year though was Fridge Love. It starts off with a history of refrigeration, then it goes into how to organize your fridge, and then has charts of how to store all the fruits and vegetables, then has a very good vegan cookbook with diet advice. It was strangely fascinating.