We planted our new vegetable garden today. We’ve been warned that you can’t have a vegetable garden in our neighborhood because deer will come but I’ll put an electric fence around it if that happens.


Look! Hot pink tomato cages!

Our rhododendron is blooming.


The walls in the house were painted either green or beige when we bought it. That’s fine for showing but I was starting to get squirmy. I painted Z’s room pepto bismol pink (bella pink) first. It was hard. The beige ghosted through over and over. It took two weeks to get it done.


Once I recovered from that ordeal I started our room. I decided to do just one wall at the time since I didn’t want the whole room torn up for two weeks like Z’s was. It is the same paint in a similar value but it covered fully in one coat. I added a second coat just to make it pretty.


I was so excited last night that the room was Not Beige that I kept looking at it and giggling.