I had big things to say about my plans for November.  I was totally wrong.

First off, I said that although I was going to participate in Nonfiction November’s Monday discussions, I wasn’t going to focus on reading nonfiction this month.

American on PurposeEvery Patient Tells a StoryThe Perfect HorseThe Piano Shop on the Left BankThe Wonder TrailBrave New WeedMarching PowderBeing Mortal

Wow, good to know I wasn’t going to focus on nonfiction.

Here’s the fiction I read this month.

The Chocolate ApothecaryLady KillerFatima’s Good FortuneFlygirl

That’s 12 books all together which is a little low for me.

  • 3 audiobooks
  • Set in France, Poland/Austria/Germany/Czechoslovakia, all through Central and South America, Tasmania, and the U.S.

The authors were:

  • 8 men and 6 women (2 books were written by 2 authors)
  • There were 2 black authors and 1 Indian author

I notice that my nonfiction reading does tend to drift towards white male authors.  I’d love to find more nonfiction written by women and POC authors.  Suggestions?

I also said that I was going to be doing NaNoWriMo.  I started.  This is a book that I had tried writing before and got bogged down when they have a take a trip on a ship.  I didn’t have enough knowledge to be able to write that.  I did some research ahead of time this attempt and got bogged down at the same point.  I still want to write this book though so I have some reference material coming through interlibrary loan to look at the exact type of ship I’m writing about.

So, moving on.  December plans.  I am going to be following along with a Goodreads readalong of A Close and Common Orbit, the sequel to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.  That’s about it.

What do you have planned for December?