I only found out yesterday that this was happening in town today. I headed over to see a coworker who was selling some of her art there.

As soon as I saw this sign I knew I was among my people.

I generally want to hug anyone wearing Doctor Who gear so I was totally overwhelmed with so many geek folk all in one place. I thought about buying some geeky stuff but what I saw was a bit overpriced. Then I considered the fact that I’m the type of person who knows what the going price for a variety of geek goods is and moved on.

I bought a few things.

I fully expect this to change my life and will be most put out if it doesn’t. This is a water bottle where you put loose leaf tea in the bottle, fill it with water, and let it cold brew for 20 minutes. Then you drink right from it and the spout filters the tea pieces. Brillant.

I found a table giving away free books. (I TOLD YOU these were my people!) As soon as anyone chose a book, the lady manning the booth would magically pull more books out from under the table and fill in the gap. I kept picking up books just to look at and she kept filling the space before I could read the synopsis.

I saw that they were a Book Crossing group. I like Book Crossing. You release books into the wild with a number on them and then see if people pick them up, record them, and send them on. I asked her what all their group did. “We give away books. We have meetings. I don’t know. We meet and we talk. We talk about books. We sit in a circle. We give away books. That guy over there is in it too.” Ok, then. Not as informative as I expected. Obviously she was chosen for her position based on her outstanding book placement skills and not for her marketing speech.

I picked up a Sherri Tepper book because you have to and I don’t have this one. I’ve read it but it has been quite a while. The other one is a fantasy about witches set in Australia. I never read enough Australia books.