I’m getting my arena cleared out. I’m slightly paranoid now about there being anythingin there since my accident this spring. We have the son of the deadbeat contractor here cleaning everything. I swear that kid shares no DNA with DC because he was here bright and early just like he said he would be and he is working steadily. I feel bad because he’s in the barn in the cold but he really wants to work to make some extra Christmas money. I’m making him some hot chocolate now.

My cat Riley’s been sick. He’s been coughing and wasn’t getting better on antibiotics so I took him to work for a second opinion. Of course that meant that he didn’t cough at all yesterday. He got lots of x-rays. Basically we still think respiratory infection and he’s on stronger antibiotics. He seems so healthy though and runs around and plays and eats but then every once in a while has a cough that sounds like he might cough up a lung.


Hot chocolate making seems to be too much for me. I made a batch and decided it needed to be more chocolately. I reached up for more mix and dropped a box of confectioner’s sugar into the hot chocolate and splattered it all over me and the entire kitchen. I finally got some made and out to him so he doesn’t freeze to death in my barn though.

I’ve been making cookies last night and today. I made the Eggnog Snickerdoodles from Steph’s 2006 Cookie List. I made the Chai Tea Chewies earlier in the week. I also made some healthy oatmeal chocolate chip (well-semi healthy – they have wheat germ. I consider that practically a health food cookie.) Now I’m making the Chocolate Chili cookies that I love. I’m working at a clinic today that I think only hires me because I bring them food. I love baking things but I don’t like eating them afterwards. They love to eat. It is a perfect match.