I have my fire inspection tomorrow. I’m very worried about this because the person who will be coming to do the inspection does not seem very nice at all. Hopefully I got the wrong impression on the phone but he seems to be quite pleased with himself for being the fire chief of this tiny little town and he is going to throw his weight around whenever possible. After weeks of trying to get ahold of him and then a week of waiting for him to call me after someone finally agreed to give him a message, he called on Friday and wanted to come over. I was on my way to work when he called and he was quite put out that I wasn’t home. He didn’t want to schedule a time to come over. He wanted to come right then. The fact that I wasn’t there seemed to be my problem and not his. He got sort of nasty with me then and wanted to know if I had everything I needed to pass the inspection because there was no reason for him to waste time coming over if I was just going to fail. I said that I have all the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms that the form says. But now I’m paranoid because the wiring isn’t done upstairs yet. If he’s looking to be nasty he can fail us for stuff not on the form. The inspection has to be done by this guy and only this guy so I’m planning on kissing his butt big time to get the form signed.