I was trying to watch a video on YouTube this morning. That is a supremely frustrating experience for me because I’m on extemely slow dial-up. I spent 1 hour downloading the 4 minute video. I was going to write a post on this problem. I had it all planned. How most of America is rural and we can’t access high speed. That adds to our dependance on cars because we can’t telecommute. How my husband could stay home some days when we get the kid if he had highspeed and could work from home. How if we had highspeed I could listen to podcasts or watch videos and TV shows. The annoyance that most of the website designers think everyone is running high speed so more and more there are sites that you just can’t access. Don’t even get me started on how difficult eBay is to use on dialup.

To bolster my case I went to the website of the only semi-high speed option I had – dish network satellite. They had a slow high speed system for $120 month. It didn’t support Macs. But when I got there I found an announcement from 10/21 saying that they had a new plan with much better high speed ranging from $50 – $80 a month. That’s when the excited yelling started. If we get that then I will disconnect my phone line (used now only for internet) and save $65 a month. It is an even trade.

It has a set up fee that is a bit steep so we may have to wait a few weeks to get that together but I’m so excited that I can hardly stand myself. I called the husband. I called the parents because my dad just retired and now keeps threatening to move he doesn’t get high speed access somehow.

It is available just in the lower 48 states for now. If anyone else is interested go to dishnetwork.com and search for internet.