Believe it or not I think I’ve finally lost some weight. I can’t tell for absolutely sure because of my crazy scales. According to the old scale I range from 193 to 190 depending on the day. The new scale had me starting at 195 and now it says 189. I think that may actually be true because I’ve weighed myself on a scale at work and for the longest time it didn’t move. I actually accused it of recognizing me as I came up to it and always telling me the same reading just to mess with my head. But it has been going down lately too. I’m not sure what I’m doing differently to finally convince my body to let go of some fat but I’m thankful it has got the message.

My closet is very neat and organized after spending all day on it yesterday. The dog is horrified. She likes to sleep on dirty clothes on the floor of the closet. Last night there were no dirty clothes. She slept out on the pile of clothes destined for Goodwill. She’s odd. I’ve tried giving her beds and pillows but she doesn’t want that. She wants dirty clothes. Yesterday during the cleaning she was making do with one dirty sock that she placed over her eyes to shield her from the destruction of her preferred sleeping space.