I decided to start cleaning this morning. As is normal for this type of thing my enthusiasm is waning as the mess I’ve made is getting huge.

I started in the kitchen. The husband is very good at emergency cleaning (like when someone is coming over tomorrow and the house has to look good.) But he just takes any clutter and piles it attractively. He doesn’t deal with it at all. So I went through his piling place in the kitchen and threw most of it out. Then I started on the bedroom. I would have been ok if I just cleaned but I decided to organize the clothes as I went. I now have a lot going to Goodwill and the rest reorganized. I repurposed some plastic drawers from a really cheap storage unit to hold out-of-season shirts and special occasion clothes (lab coats and show clothes) in the closet. I found a lot of clothes that I thought I lost. I’ve been working for hours and I just about have the bedroom looking just like it did when I started. Now I need to start the cleaning that I meant to do when I went into the bedroom. But I’m taking a break because I’ve worn myself out and don’t really want to face it again.

Ok, I’m going to go light some candles and try to get my second wind.