It is snowing today. I tried to have a proper pagan response – Yeah, wheel of the year, turning of the seasons, all gifts from the Mother, blah, blah, blah. Didn’t work. Just kept coming back to “I hate snow.”

I knew it was coming so last night I started to prepare for winter. I started washing the horses’ winter blankets. A good horse mom would have done this last spring when they were done using them. Instead I was in the barn last night trying to figure out what blankets I needed to wash. Spirit’s is bright purple. None of these blankets were bright purple. They were all mud colored. I guessed Spirit’s based on size because none of the color showed through. I washed his three times last night and there is still ground in mud on it but it is recognizably purple.

I’m trying not think about what the next load of laundry I do will come out looking like.

5 Replies to “Snow”

  1. Ugh, snow..I’m glad it isn;t here. We have had a few cool days, but haven’t even got out the winter jackets yet. Matter of fact the leaves have not turned yet. It was in the paper today that they expect them to peak in about two weeks….

  2. I know what you mean. The dog’s sweaters got shoved into the bottom of the closet last spring, and when I pulled them out they were so hopelessly covered with dog hair, dust, ground-in mud from their playing in the snow, etc.

    I’m tempted to just throw them out and buy new ones. *shudder* If I had taken care of it in the spring, they wouldn’t be in this bad of condition. Bleh.

    At least Spirit’s blanket is all washed now. 🙂 Just don’t do a “white” load next unless you’re into earth colors. hehe

  3. The snow is heading here. I am not looking forward to the cold grey days but I love snow storms and bright sunny days in the winter.

  4. aww, I know how you feel. this year I’ve decided to look at it as a child would so I’m rather excited thinking of our first snow.

    Everyone in my family thinks I’ve bumped my head.

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