Oooh! Sparkly!

We went to the big city today. The SO likes to shop. I don’t. But we were at Macy’s checking out his favorite sales rack when I decided I wanted to go downstairs to Girl Macy’s. Since I don’t like to shop I generally only ever see the Boy’s side of Macy’s.

I must have gone insane. I bought a shiny.


Gold and diamonds.

I never spend lots of money while shopping. It makes me hyperventilate. I never buy “real” jewelry. I like artisan type stuff. But this was on super sale. 50% off, then 20% off, and then 10% off. (There was even more off if I opened a Macy’s charge but I don’t do that.) I got them for 1/3 the list cost. It was down in the two digit range which is still way more than I normally pay for things but I like them. I’ve been wanting to get more “real” jewelry. I feel slightly grownup. LOL

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  • furrypig

    oooh cute earrings and a super bargain well done! Thanks for the link to the reading lists will be looking it up later today xxx

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