Oscar watching is a holiday right up there with the Super Bowl in my family. Much discussion throughout the year is invested in predictions. When the husband married into my family he started to get into it too. So here is a conversation that occured last night at 8:05 PM when he should have known better.

Me: Hello?
Him: Hi, I just wanted to …
Me: Are you bleeding?
Him: What?
Me: ARE YOU BLEEDING? Because I know you would NOT be calling me during Jon Stewart’s opening monologue at the Oscars for any other reason!
Him: Oh, sorry. I just wanted to say that I’m on my way home and, uh, I love you?

Nice try. Didn’t work.

I pretty much agree with all the awards. I thought Brokeback Mountain should have won cinematography. Here’s how much of an Oscar geek I am. When I was watching Brokeback Mountain I was thinking, “This will definately be nominated for cinematography.” I would have liked to see Joaquin Pheonix win for Walk the Line because I loved his performance. But Philip Seymour Hoffman is always good too. I like the choice of Crash over Brokeback Mountain because Crash is a much more complicated film. Brokeback is a very simple film. If it didn’t have the gay theme it wouldn’t have garnered as much attention. I liked it but it didn’t wow me.