I feel like a real farmer today. We got up early and I told the husband that we could go out ot breakfast if we stopped while out to buy fence stuff. That’s how you get help. Taking down the old wire wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. We got the posts straightened up and one row of wire around the top. I got about halfway through the second round when I ran out of wire. We bought all that they had at the local store so I’ll have to go to another town tomorrow to buy more. I’m all scratched up from cutting down multiflora rose bushes along the fence line.

While I was out there my neighbor who farms my fields stopped over. She is going to seed it for hay this year instead of growing corn. Instead of paying rent she is going to provide our hay. That’s a total win-win situation. She doesn’t have to come up with cash for the rent. They’ve been paying $400 a year for the fields but my hay usually costs me $800-$900 dollars. So that’s good for me too.

Then I went out and looked at my flower beds. The one bed that I went out and cleaned out a few weeks ago is totally dead. The cold killed everything. The beds I ignored are doing fine. Figures.

I also started my watermelon and italian white eggplant seeds inside today. I don’t do well growing vegetables. I plan on planting these half in the ground and half in containers. I tend to do much better with containers.