There is a pagan store in a nearby town. It is actually in a person’s house and is open at her whim or by appointment only. I’ve never been there. Today she had an inventory reduction sale and I decided to go. I’m always reluctant to go to small stores because I usually don’t buy things but I feel bad about browsing if I’m in the only customer and then not buying. Not a problem today.

The loot:

2 pairs of earrings
1 bottle of body spray
1 bottle of lotion
1 bar of soap
1 bag of milk bath
1 tube of lip balm (all toiletries handmade and some labeled vegan)
1 mug
1 candle
3 tiny goddesses (two of which will be part of my theology swap)

Grand total – $22

They also had a couple of bags of horse mane hair. I asked what that was used for just in case I was missing a major money making opportunity. She said it was for working with binding spells, or increasing endurance or work ethic. I don’t think I was supposed to laugh out loud at that. Whoever thought that up obviously has never met my two lazy beasts!