Here’s an update of what I’ve been doing lately.

34. Steal old photo albums from my mother and make a better scrapbook out of them – Germany album given for Christmas 2006

41. Go to a new fabric store – Went to two quilt stores (one going out of business) on 12/26/06

61.Watch 5 classic movies that I’ve never seen

    Bringing Up Baby – December 2006

I’ve tried to watch this before but never got all the way through it. I still don’t like it. I love Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant but for some reason this movie makes me crazy.

68. Read 5 magazines that I don’t normally read cover to cover

    Science and Spirituality – read 9/06
    Plenty – read 9/06
    O – read 11/06
    National Geographic Traveller- read 12/06
    Budget Traveller – read 12/06

85. Send a handwritten letter to someone from the past who I have not kept in contact with. Can choose anyone. Sent a letter to a friend from school December 2006. She replied and I found out that she got married and changed jobs.

We are still going to new restaurants. On the list I said that we are only going to go to one but once we found one new restaurant we’ve been searching out more.