On our third day in Prague we packed up and jumped on a bus with the rest of the people heading to the Danube River cruise and headed for Germany.

Rural Czech Republic looks a lot like country anywhere.

We met the boat in Passau. It is a town at the meeting of the Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers. That’s its main claim to fame except for a fountain that provides beer in the summer. They were also very proud of the fact that one time the soon-to-be Empress Sisi stayed over night in town.

There is also a lot of artists and galleries. They have a art festival where the cobbles are painted to lead customers to the galleries on the tour.


Being near all the rivers, the town has suffered several horrible floods over the years. The building near the rivers all have high water marks memorialized on them.

There is a cathedral in town called St. Stephen’s that has been being renovated for many years now. It has the largest cathedral organ in the world.

There is a nice chocolate shop around the corner. There are also paid toilets where I had to introduce my very law-abiding fellow cruise people to the concept of one person pays to open the door and then holds it to let the next person in.

Impressive doors

Many mural in town