It makes me sputtering mad crazy when people tell me, “I wish I had time to read.” The implication is that they are ever so busy with their super important life stuff that they can’t possibly take the time to have leisure. They have so many more important things to do than I do obviously if I have the time to read.

First of all, everyone has time to read. They just choose not to.

Do they watch TV? That’s potential reading time.
Lay in bed for a few minutes before they fall asleep? Reading time.
Sit on the toilet? Reading time.
Drive a car? Audio book time.

Don’t give me your “I don’t have time” sob stories. I don’t buy it.

But I was rendered completely speechless today. I was so flustered that when I had taken 10 minutes to drive home from the encounter and I walked in the door the SO immediately said, “What’s the matter?” I went to the library to pick up some books on hold. The checkout person was sitting there staring blankly into space until I walked up to the desk. She got my books, checked them out, and then said, “I wish I had time to read.”