I’ve been a huge Phantom of the Opera fan from the beginning of the musical. I still have selections from the original cast recording on my iPod and they get heavy play. So when I got an email recently that there was going to be a live broadcast of the 25th anniversary celebration from London at theaters worldwide, I knew I had to go.

It was expensive for a movie ticket. $22! But, I paid much more than that to see it from the nosebleed seats in Toronto.

It was amazing! Better than front row seats. You could see all the details on the costumes and see all the facial expressions on the actors.


There even was intermission.

My only complaint is that they didn’t drop the chandelier. That is the end of the first act. Instead they had the chandelier explode. Ok, that’s fine but if you are going to have an explosion, have an explosion! I’ve had Christmas tree lights go out with more enthusiasm.

After the show was finished, they had Andrew Lloyd Weber and the original London cast onstage. Then Sarah Brightman (the original Christine) sang Phantom of the Opera with 4 former Phantoms and the star of this show. Then the five Phantoms sang Music of the Night. Michael Crawford was there but he didn’t sing.

If you like the show, you should try to see the repeats at a theater near you this week. It is also going to come out on DVD. Now I’m spoiled and I want to see all musicals like this.